He broke me.
He broke me.
He broke me.

Darlings, forgive me. 

I’ve spent months writing about things that hurt, and neglecting to share with you. I just posted a new poetry collection, titled Dear Newton. I have been writing this collection since November 11th, 2013 which is the date of the death of a friend. I hope to continue this set until the anniversary of his death. You can view it here. 

Thank you. 

Anonymous said: Thank you. For being you.

Anonymous said: are you a guy or a girl?

I am a sassy little white girl stuck in a town with a population of more cows than people.

Anonymous said: hey i just found your blog and your wordplay really amazed me, it's so beautiful like how can some word collages and became this beautifully written :''))). I wish I found your blog earlier orz

Thank you, sweetheart. 

I’ll fall asleep to the sound of the rain,
because the sound of you leaving
is stuck in my brain.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I don’t drink my coffee black,
or my shoot my whiskey straight,
but I inhale your love directly from your veins.

(Source: guiltywriter)

Some of the most beautiful creatures
in the world are poisonous,
and that’s why I refuse to love you.

(Source: guiltywriter)

But that didn’t sound like me.
Lately, nothing does.

(Source: guiltywriter)

Sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world is;
a wall full of graffiti,
a half written book,
the stretch marks on your hips,
and my chapped lips.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I’ve been awake for hours
begging the sun
to set again.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I wish your rainy blue eyes

would pour on me again.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I’m sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been so busy with school the only things I’ve been writing about are atomic masses and functional groups, haha. I miss you all, and I hope to write more for you in the coming months. Thanks for sticking through this, I love you all, xoxo.

Maybe I can be..
I can’t believe I’m still writing about you.

Anonymous said: what do you use to type up your poems into the pictures that you post?

I just use a white rectangle and then I type the words on to it with a photo editing website.