I’ll fall asleep to the sound of the rain,
because the sound of you leaving
is stuck in my brain.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I don’t drink my coffee black,
or my shoot my whiskey straight,
but I inhale your love directly from your veins.

(Source: guiltywriter)

Some of the most beautiful creatures
in the world are poisonous,
and that’s why I refuse to love you.

(Source: guiltywriter)

But that didn’t sound like me.
Lately, nothing does.

(Source: guiltywriter)

Sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world is;
a wall full of graffiti,
a half written book,
the stretch marks on your hips,
and my chapped lips.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I’ve been awake for hours
begging the sun
to set again.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I wish your rainy blue eyes

would pour on me again.

(Source: guiltywriter)

I’m sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been so busy with school the only things I’ve been writing about are atomic masses and functional groups, haha. I miss you all, and I hope to write more for you in the coming months. Thanks for sticking through this, I love you all, xoxo.

Maybe I can be..
I can’t believe I’m still writing about you.

Anonymous said: what do you use to type up your poems into the pictures that you post?

I just use a white rectangle and then I type the words on to it with a photo editing website.

Anonymous said: What is you main-blog?


This wound has been traced again.
I’ll always see my eyes as clouded. 

Anonymous said: can you please give me some tips for writing poetry?

I think the biggest tip I can give anyone is to open a text document, close your eyes, and think long and hard about what hurts. Type everything you’re thinking, and just let your thoughts flow for a few minutes. Then open your eyes and fix any typos, and manipulate these words into poetry. Poetry shouldn’t be about stanzas or rhyme scheme or anything, in fact the definition of poetry is literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm. Which to me means that structure should be thrown out the window, and your feelings should be melting into poetry.